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Cath ste-cath


In a perfect world, we'd meet at a coffee shop, a bookstore, a concert hall. Perhaps I'd be the first to notice you, perhaps it would be the other way around. We'd hit it off, just like that, and somehow, we'd both find the answer to a question we've been stuck on. 

If serendipity seems to be more elusive, could it be all this time spent behind screen? Does tending to blinking notifications make it more difficult to cross paths naturally?


The ease of connection sometimes needs a little help. I'm all about facilitating an enchanting encounter, making dreams come true, and, most importantly, adding a whole lot of joy and fun to our interactions!

The story (so far)
Our time

Setting up the perfect space to safely explore your fantasies:


By booking a session with me, you are setting the framework for a completely original experience, be it thrilling, comforting or down-right sexy. 

With my ability to observe, understand and adapt to people and situations, you can just show up to our date and be yourself.

There is something truly special in these meetings; they are windows in time, a break from the daily grind. They are an opportunity to be reflected in someone who is seeing you in ways you may have always suspected you could be seen.


Our time
about the artist

My attraction to strangers is not new. Wielding jokes and witticisms, I cut through the bullshit in search of connection, relating to others horizontally. I love to express myself through my fingertips !

I look for new ways of seeing & understanding the world, shattering preconceptions with an open & inquisitive  mind. By simply staying true to myself and embracing my unconventional aesthetic, I invite moments of fascination and amazement alongside individuals who are not afraid of people who step out rigid societal norms.

My interests include strange coïncidences, a nice cup of coffee and curating  playlists of quiet/loud songs.

More information (coming soon)

- Upcoming shows & things to do in the city
- Why i deleted twitter
- what makes a date special


Services are now offered on a sliding scale, as I have found the flexibility refreshing since making the switch. Below you will find different ideas of experiences & performances. I am open to reasonable requests: however, keep in mind that I tend to get turned off by acronyms and explicit introductions from people I have never met.

wholesome options

No need to rush, right ?

Social time : we go to a museum, eat some tasty food, go for coffee ...

80 to 100 for the first hour. multiple hours are negociable, especially for shows, movies

Cuddle date: we don't have to go all the way for our bodies to interact

60 min - 200 to 350

classic meetings

60 min : 300 to 600

90 min: 420 to 750

120 min: 500 to 900

3hrs: 700 to 1200

half-day and dayrates, overnights available

Adventurous enthusiasts

I cater to less traditional desires with kinky encounters, participative or voyeuristic.

Having trained under Empress Mystique, I can say I have a few tricks up my sleeve. 

I can be your Peggy Hill... !

tempting associates

I love to spice things up with duos, even trios, and have a hot variety of amazing partners to propose.

I also LOVE meeting couples, and am qualified to make this a special time for both of you.


get in touch for more information

What they're saying
'' My life has been immeasurably enriched by meeting and spending time with Cath. From the moment you walk in the door, it’s a true pleasure to be in her company – a bit like hanging out with an old friend you’ve always had a massive crush on – and now you get to bang! Cath is fantastic at setting the perfect mood, with impeccable taste in music, enviable conversation skills, and a playful, perceptive intelligence you can’t get enough of. With her generosity and intuitiveness, and her awesome sense of humor, a true and unforgettable connection is made: make the first step, and Cath will take you exactly where you want to be.  ''
how to book
I understand that reaching out for these kinds of services can be anxiety inducing, especially if it's your first time. The booking process includes screening, which is a safety precaution that heightens the ease & pleasure of our time together.
A thoughtful introduction goes a long way. Required screening information is as follows:
- full name (verifiable identity - photo ID may be required)

- one or two provider references
                - name, website & email address for contact

Send to 4stecroix @ or sentimentalheavymetal @
I try to respond within 24-48 hours. However, incomplete inquiries are low-priority. If you did not hear back from me, check your spam folder! 

Email me:


or sentimentalheavymetal @



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