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Concerts in Montréal (2024)

Pixies + Modest Mouse + Cat Power - June 9th 

Andre 3000 (New Blue Sun live) - June 30th

Judas Priestess - July 28th

Billy Idol - August 16th 2024 

Missy Elliott - August 17th

NOFX - August 25th

Deep Purple - August 27th 

Bikini Kill - September 4th

Explosions in the Sky - September 12th

PJ Harvey - September 21st 

Clan of Xymox - October 2nd

Social Distortion - October 6th

Nada Surf - October 7th

Sepultura - October 10th

Opeth - October 15th

The Doobie Brothers - October 12th

Air - October 13th

Cindy Lauper - October 18th

The The - October 20th

Caribou - November 25th

Soul Asylum - November 2nd 2024

Senses Fail + Saves The Day - November 19th

Karkwa - November 23rd

ideas ! 
about the artist

My attraction to strangers is not new. Wielding jokes and witticisms, I cut through the bullshit in search of connection, relating to others horizontally. I love to express myself through my fingertips !

I look for new ways of seeing & understanding the world, shattering preconceptions with an open & inquisitive  mind. By simply staying true to myself and embracing my unconventional aesthetic, I invite moments of fascination and amazement alongside individuals who are not afraid of people who step out rigid societal norms.

My interests include strange coïncidences, a nice cup of coffee and curating  playlists of quiet/loud songs.

More information (coming soon)

- Upcoming shows & things to do in the city
- Why i deleted twitter
- what makes a date special

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