Modern creature on the road less taken.


In order to live life to its fullest, I've focused on the richness & complexities of my interactions. 


They say I'm a receptive being, natural and sensitive. 32 years old. The disarming kind, empathetic. I have a revolutionary spirit, bubbling with ideas.


As a musician, I fancy a wide variety of musical genres, whether the song is stunning, weird, ubiquitous, and dare I say, sometimes even complicated. Curiosity & open-mindedness have turned me into voracious & industrious reader.


Expressing myself through touch, I'll detangle your shoulders and maybe even reorganize your CD collection... if you let me.


In this form, I attract formidable human beings who want to avoid outdated social roles, people who want to spend time with a bold, bright and expressive woman. 

So .... what now?

xoxo Catherine