Modern creature on the road less taken.


In order to live life to its fullest, I've focused on the richness & complexities of my interactions with the '' All you need is love '' mindset... Living in the key of Kerouac was great while it lasted, I'll tell you about Texas or Slovenia if you like.

They say I'm a receptive being, natural and sensitive. 32 years old. The disarming kind, empathetic. I have a revolutionary spirit, bubbling with ideas.


As a musician, I fancy a wide variety of musical styles, whether the song is stunning, weird, ubiquitous, and dare I say, sometimes even complicated. Curiosity & open-mindedness have turned me into voracious & industrious reader.


Expressing myself through touch, I'll detangle your shoulders and maybe even reorganize your CD collection... if you let me.


In this form, I attract formidable human beings who want to avoid outdated social roles. Not necessarily hair fetishists; just people who want to spend time with a bold, bright and expressive woman. 

So .... what now?

xoxo Catherine