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My Story

Attracted by fascinating interactions & the human experience, I deviated from the conventional path to fully savour my existence. By learning how to truly listen and keep an open mind, I have had the honour of keeping thousands of stories with me along the way, surprising or bittersweet. I have the soul of a poet, but practice many art forms. According to some, my musical knowledge is both extensive and impressive; I love digging around my memory for a detail that could reach you. I picture my days like short stories; my love of reading has had an irreversible impact on my life.


I strive to create the perfect context for all kinds of pleasurable interactions. Meetings with me are characterized by a playful, warm & enthusiastic intensity. My ability to generate spontaneous meaningful connections is a gift; I wish to offer a presence of exceptional quality & stimulating aesthetic. I understand that reaching out for this kind of service can be a source of anxiety for some. I can assure you that my sensitive & caring demeanour will put you at ease.



33 years old

I speak French & English, fluently.

5'7, 140 lbs & 34E/36D


Pansexual (attracted to all genders)

Meyers-Briggs: ENFP (extroverted - intuitive - feeling - perceiving)


Wishlist - to get to know me or spoil me

Reading list - to know what I'm into

Playlist - coming soon

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