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Cath Ste-Cath


Below you will find different ideas of experiences & performances. I am open to reasonable requests: however, keep in mind that I tend to get turned off by acronyms and explicit messages from people I don't know. 


Fantasy number 1:
see you at the show
It's 9:30 pm. You see me by the bar right before the last band comes on. We watch the show, but we are also watching each other, the way our bodies feel the drums. There's no use in talking: the music is much too loud. Still, we can feel the magnetic pull. Once the music ends and the crowd spills onto the sidewalk, we finally speak. You invite me to the bar next door, but I have a better idea... 
Fantasy number 3:
We meet at my place. You've brought a bottle of your favorite wine. I pull out 2 glasses and my Scrabble board. Even though I'm probably winning, after just half an hour, I get distracted and start to crawl all over you. What happens next?
Fantasy number 2: performance
The keyword is surreal. You are lying on the bed, with just a towel on. Light down low, a slow beat is begging my hips to sway as I reveal the very sexy, very impractical lingerie that you wanted to see on me. The music gets heavier as I bend over to caress your skin. Sharing only a few words, we blow each others minds.
Fantasy number 4:
Je parle seulement français.
For more date ideas, including duo & trio scenarios, get in touch. 

This summer, my rates will be on a sliding scale: if you can only pay the minimum, that's totally fine! If you are able and want to contribute more, fine as well.

60 min : 300 to 600

90 min: 420 to 750

120 min: 500 to 900

3hrs: 800 to 1200


social : 100 for the first hour

dinner dates available: enquire within

cuddle date - massage: 250 - 350

For more information, including longer date rates, duo partners & general availability, get in touch! 

selected rates

A thoughtful introduction goes a long way.

Required screening information includes:

- Full name

- Picture of photo ID

- 1 or 2 provider references

                - artist name & website

                - email address for contact

Email me:


or sentimentalheavymetal @


I try to respond within 24 to 48 hours. However, incomplete inquiries are low-priority. If you did not hear back from me, check your spam folder! 

is it time to say hello?

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