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You're looking to get out of your shit life. 

That's where I come in.  

Hypersensitive , tuned outwards , witty . Listener . Attention .  Non-judgement. Fun . Breakthrough. 

About Me.

My ear is tuned to frequencies of ... Unusual creature.

I was born on the tail end of the 80s; my brain is filled with music of all genres. I love to go to concerts, and check out immersive multimedia experiences. 

My body is a canvas, where I (hair) . Natural, low pressure. One tattoo. 

I like to take care of myself. To dress myself up or down. To eat delicious and/or healthy foods. Massages. 

Awareness of the pitfalls of capitalism , consumerism. Nicely crafted things. Encourage local artists.  


Limited availability

The Empress

You want to be ...See how it goes. Good ear. Exchange . People are only as boring as the questions you ask. There is something you need. Getting unstuck? Choosing?


Hot Stuff

Dazzled. Hypersensual. Flexibility. Role play. This is where my artistic flair comes in, and my ability to create a range of moods & vibes with your input.



I do not discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, ability & religion

Sliding scale model

420 friendly 

- You've been patient -

see (some) of my pictures

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