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Thank you for screening. This ensures that the proper foundation to our meeting will be respected.  If you are interested in becoming a star client, I recommend reading the following blog post:

So you want to be her favorite client: meditations on consent  by Simone Solnsa 


Shows up on time (not early!)

Rings the buzzer so that I know they’ve arrived.

Lets themselves in.

Washes hands/showers at the place of meeting.

Uses mouthwash.

Abstains from using cologne/perfume (I end up feeling it on my tongue)

Places $ in an unsealed enveloppe, on the kitchen table.

Asks the ATM for red + brown bills, which are easier to count.

Reminds me to count the $ in front of them.

Restrictions/pet peeves/good to know:

No flushing condoms down the toilet!

No skin-to-skin rubbing of the genitals.

Please ask permission before certain acts (especially butt slaps & butt stuff)

I can taste cologne/perfume on my tongue! Keep it light/abstain.

You'll be reminded to wash your hands + use the mouthwash upon entry.

The shower is in a bathtub, and has many types of body-wash.

If the shower is not accessible for you, you may take a ‘’birdbath’’ in the sink.

Please … wash your ‘’bird’’… and your butt! 

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Do I have to shower right away? No. We can sit in the living room & talk for as long as you like. Note: showering is a useful cue that you are ready to head into the bedroom.


Soft/sensual domination


Puppy/kitty play

Foot fetishes

Slut worship

Hair/body worship


*Role Play

What if I want to stay longer?

Extending the date on the spot is an extra 140. 

What if I am late/need to cancel?

It happens. If you will be more than 10 minutes late, please email me.

If you must cancel on the day of the appointment … 

If you feel sick...

Let's reschedule!

Anything else?

Sexually active persons, engaging with more than one partner, should be getting tested for STIs every 3-4 months, even when they don’t show symptoms.

I recommend Prélib, which has 2 locations in Montréal - quick & discrete, by appointment only.


- Any questions/requests before our meeting?

- How do you want to feel?

- What is the vibe you are looking for?

Reasonable requests ...

- Outfits & makeup

- Scent preference

- Music

- Role play

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